Tutorials for Silhoutte paint ignoring areas of the scene

Hi Everyone. I’ve got a road scene that has a bridge i need to remove.
I just got silhoutte and i’m really new to it, but not new to mocha pro.

The project: I have painted out the Bridge, but it pulls the colors of the cars going below it.

I was looking for tutorials on how to do this, but having a hard time finding them. Possibly
i’m using the wrong words for my search.

Do i roto track the cars and some how do a subtract?
Thanks for any help!

P.S. I’m on a IMac (Montery) using AE 2022 and using silhoutte (latest version) as the plugin inside AE

Hi, show us a bit of your footage, please?

i would love to, but it’s NDA. I found a workaround. But im just curious…is there a way to have paint not pull the values and hues of something that passes behind it?


Hi, if you painted on top or applied a modified cleanplate over the image (bridge) then that paint or cleanplate is applied on top & shouldn’t draw colours from the cars,
But if you used the Clone tool then it will clone the cars if they pass through the cloned area, you can specify which frames you want to clone from, so you could clone from say frame 1-40 out of the 300 frame clip, then move along past where the cars are & clone from 45-60 etc.
Or stop it at a certain point & adjust where it is cloning from…

PS, If it helps at all, you say you’re comfortable with Mocha,
If you add a Mocha Pro node, you can open Mocha, do your tracking or import a project into Mocha,
then back in Silhouette, click the three little dots & it’ll give you a Roto node with all your Mocha splines in, they can then be used as masks, don’t think they prevent painting/cloning, i can’t make paint ignore those areas anyway :joy::joy:

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