Two Clean Plates blending not interpolating


First of all , Thanks for coding Mocha, which made me love Roto&paint , its very easy intuitive and fast.

I am stuck with very serious problem ,

i have a footage with some area of the video lost, so i decided to paint it in photoshop, frame by frame, almost 700 frames , i guess this is how we restore lost footage,

but i saw that mocha can smartly draw the back ground using clean plates, So i decided to paint a clean plate every 10th frame , since BG is movin furiously, elemetns

are changing very often, I tracked and remove the black part, to some extent it worked also, but I see that instead of interpolating from frame to frame 10 the two plates

are blending, its like applying dissolve effect, instead to drawing the inbetween frames.

is there any option which i should check , that will give me as if the frames interpolating. or any technique,

pls pls help. suggest, guide.







Hi Kumar,

Are you using “Cleanplates Exclusively” in the interface, or is this option unchecked?
Also are you using “Blend” or “Randomize” in the Disoolve parameters?
Are you using any type of illumination?

Thanks martin for addressing my severe issue,


i am sure i am missing something,

  • I double chked “cleanplate exclusively” is on

  • I used linear + Blend / liner + randomise / interpolate + Blend / Interpolate + randomise.

  • I painted to clean plates , Frame 1 and frame 10 , instead of interpolating as animation it blends , as if dissolve filter is applied.

  • I even hand painted 50 frames , thinking that Mocha probably doesnt know what is underneath that black patch , so i painted,

and followed your part 3 vid of remove module , where you have vanished the business man, it didnt work in my case.

is their any video tut i must refer to in this particular situation