Two issues on latest version

Just updated to latest version 2020.5.

When I start Silhouette and go to existing project to select the last project, Silhouette starts but doesn’t actually load project. I have to go to ‘Open’ and select the project again.

Also, have a node tree with a some simple roto/blur. When I add a pin-warp node at the end of the tree, Silhouette crashes as soon as you connect the input. Happened twice in a row after restart.

This on Win10. Basic UHD EXR sequence.

This can occur of the project is in a different location or has been renamed.

I can’t replicate this on my machine. Can you provide a project that exhibits this issue?

Thanks Marco.

Found the answer to the first one. It was the active project that had been saved. But when I created it originally somehow had typed .sfx into the project name. So the folder was named project.sfx.sfx. That double extension in the folder name must be the hang-up. Once I changed it back to project.sfx in the explorer it works.

Yes, I can send a project file. Can’t include the footage though, is that ok? Should I send it via email or DM?

@jan I received your project and was able to replicate the issue. We will fix the issue. Thanks.

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