Type On Text, unable to set colors for each character/letter?

In Pr, when I click on the “Setup” icon that loads Title Studio, there is a color bar that changes from grayscale to color but it doesn’t seem to actually do anything to the letter colors? There is no option to select a color?

I’d actually like to select a different color for each letter of my word, but can’t seem to do that … is this “by design” or am I missing something?

Cheers, rob.

Hi Rob,

So the color bar is used in connection with the eyedropper tool when you’re selecting a color.

On a new flat text object, in the text generator window, you’ll want to select the color tab, which will bring up options for fill, opacity, and style color.

Next to the style color chip is an eyedropper tool. If you select that, you can then pick from the color bar.
By selecting individual letters in your text, you can use the color chip or dropper to assign colors to the individual letters in your text.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Vin,

I don’t have a “color tab”?


Rob, are you using BCC Title Studio or BCC Type on Text? Title Studio can also create type-on effects so perhaps the confusion is over which effect you are using.

Hi Jason,

Per my thread title “Type On Text”. I’ll checkout Tile Studio … thanks!

Cheers, Rob.