U/I Font Issue

Hi there! I purchased Corel Sudio Pro 2020 and Continuum came bundled with it. Point is, I can’t read anything on the UI as all of it shows question marks rather then, well, words. Can’t use it!

Any idea how to solve it?

Captura de tela 2020-09-29 224326

Thats odd. I have Corel VS as well. No problems. You may need a fresh download of BCC title studio and a reinstall.Or perhaps just a reinstall of BCC? That would be my guess.

Well I thought of doing so, but I can’t figure out which Version of BCC Title Studio I should download.

It looks like something is going wrong with the language localization/translation. Can you give details on your machine setup. What are the language settings for the OS, OS version, etc.

Maybe its language like Jason has said?
However, you cannot just download BCC title studio. You need a Corel Video Studios installer. Corel gets a custom version that’s not as feature rich as the full blown BCC title studio that would cost you far more than Corel VS did.
The installer is the setup_Bonus.exe file that comes with CVS. Image 1.
Inside that installer is BCC13 for Corel. Image 2.

Hi Clement.



Basically, this is what I have here. The language is PtBr (Brazilian Portuguese)

If you need more information, please ask. I’ll be glad to answer.

And thank you for your help.

Hi Freedom, Thank you for your help.

I’ve tried that. Unfortunately it didn’t help.

I think it is using a font that is not installed and it messes up the whole thing. If I knew what font it is, it would be an option.