U/I Overlay Font Display Problem

Hey there…

Just purchased and installed the Continuum blend/key plugins and the u/i overlay is displaying the text really strangely. It’s like it’s using some creative font, or the font has exploded. Can’t figure this one out. As a workaround, I’ve had to take a screen capture of a YouTube video so I can see what the buttons are actually supposed to say.

Any thoughts?

Using the OFX version on Resolve // MacOS 10.15.4

Could be a Catalina related issue. I’ll check in with the QA group to see if they have encountered this on a similarly configured system.

Are you working with an HD or 4k display?

Hey again…forgot that I had sent a message via Facebook too. Got a response there asking the same question about the display. Sorry if this is a duplicate bit of info for you!

Using a MacBook Pro 16" - have a dongle to HDMI out to a fairly standard acer monitor. The issue shows both on the external display and the MacBook display.

Happy to answer any configuration questions.

Thanks a bunch!

Yep, that was me that answered your query on FB. :slight_smile: No worries about posting on different forums as I understand that you’re under the gun to deliver a project.

So while we’re trying to replicate the issue, you should be able to key out that subject using the control panel parameters, which are the same as the parameters that are displayed in the toolbar.

And if you encounter any issues getting the key to work I’m happy to assist. If you want to send me the shot I’ll key it out and send you a preset to work with. My email is peterm@borisfx.com - feel free to send it along but you may want to send that right away - it’s getting late.