Uber key not respecting set range

In v 3.1 if you set a range in the timeline the Uber key respected this range and did not affect changes outside these frames. But in v3.2 this range setting was no longer respected by Uber key – the change affected the whole timeline regardless. It seems to still not respect range in v2019. I this still no longer a feature?

Lets log a feature request with @martinb because if that worked before and it isn’t now, we might have changed it on purpose or it might be a regression. Let’s find out.

Definitely sounds like a bug. Über should respect project ranges. We’ll test it and write it up. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi Greg,

This seems to be working properly. Can you tell be the exact version of 2019 you are running and show me the timeline setup where you’re getting the problem?
Very specific steps to reproduce will help.

I am using:
Mocha Pro 2019
Version 6.0.0 build 1882.g0a2ceee02e42
Build Date Oct 2 2018

I am looking at an old tutorial that shows how to use Uber key over a selected range only – see time at 4:10:

In Mocha Pro standalone 2019 I set a range using the Set inpoint/outpount bracket keys under the viewport then activate uber key and within that range make a change. But it does not work as in the tutorial. What are the steps?