UI adjustments


if you ignore the AutoSave and instead load the project using File → Recent Files… you will be able to recover the last file you actually saved yourself.

Yes the unwanted use of Modify Range can often cause problems. Any other suggestions from anyone as how to make it clearer to the user?


A simple UI change - turn the modify anything buttons to bright red or yellow. they are in a out of the way corner to say the least.
I had gotten a roto into decent shape, I played it back a few times and decided to go in and make a few clean ups where it was off. I had for some reason turned on modify range for a good reason at some point, but forgot to turn it off. range was entire TL. even after 20 undo’s, I had still managed to trash my work. Ok, no big deal I figure, just close the project and re-open it. Nope. auto save did its job and had managed to save out a bad version.

So hence my want for better indication of modify anything being turned on, not unlike discreet’s big red animate mode button.

another thought - incremental saves. since its easy enough to trash your work with modify, how about creating a folder named after the project, and keeping something like 10 versions saved every 10 minutes in there. then if diaster or a senior moment strikes, no big deal.

Steve Oakley