UI questions


is there a way to maximize windows in Mocha pro? preferably with a shortcut (like tilda/accent grave key in Premiere/ae) - if not, can you please consider adding it?

also semi-related - in the dope sheet is there a way to zoom in/out in the timeline without a scroll whell (I am using a wacom) something like this will be helpful (from Ae’s timeline interface)

even the current behavior is a bit disorienting. when I zoom in the dope sheet with Ctrl key+Scroll Wheel seems to be justified left so I lose my keyframes and have to move right using the Alt key+Scroll Wheel to get back to where I was centered. it would be nice if the zoom would be cursor away or playhead aware.


No, but we can add that as a feature request. For now, you can try making custom viewer setups and switching between your preferred views.

And no, there is not a way to zoom in and out on the dope sheet yet with a slider and we have it on our list. We know it is needed and agree.

Thank you for your suggestions! They’re helpful.


@martinb this is helpful.

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Thanks Mary, happy to help, one more dope sheet question please:

I tried to delete an entire property in the dope sheet

seems that I have to rectangle select from start to finish it in order to do that, no way to just delete scale entirely. tried these:

  1. selecting one keyframe and pressing shift on the last
  2. selecting one keyframe and Ctrl+A
  3. double clicking the property or right click on it

so I have to zoom out, carefully ractangle select all of it and only then I am able to delete it.

please consider also having other ways to do that.

Absolutely, we agree that this workflow needs attention. Thank you.

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