UK sales support

I just wanted to post some recognition for Marie Buckley who is a sales executive at the UK Boris office.
She has just helped me navigate a tricky licence upgrade issue, and she is without doubt the nicest, most helpful person I have dealt with for quite some time.
If you are in the UK and need any help with licences for any of their products, go direct to Marie!

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Yes I can second that too. Along with John-Paul, who is not only helpful but incredibly knowledgable too Many thanks Marie and John-Paul

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Thanks very much for your kind words Grant and Robin. Marie and I have been staffing up in the UK this year and now have two wonderful colleagues @maisie.ferris and @ernestas.pudinskas working in sales and support too. I’m going to redact Marie’s e-mail address from this thread so she doesn’t get spammed to oblivion, please get in touch via any of our channels:

All of these are monitored by the local team during UK office hours.