Ultra slow performance on FCPX

Currently the product is almost unusable on my early 2019 iMac (i9, 128gb RAM, 10.15.7). Dog-slow and causes FCPX to grind to a halt if I use it.

Is this normal for Continuum hosted on FCPX?

Hi There,

Yes, this is a known issue and is currently being attended to, but thanks for posting. The next release that will support FCP and Motion will offer real-time filters and transitions. :slight_smile: I think you’ll be very happy with the new version.

Thank you, Peter. I searched but didn’t see anything posted recently to address this. Though there will eventually be a version of Continuum that will work for the current hardware, do you think development will continue to lag behind for FCPX compared to other hosts? Should I move to a different solution? Although it’s disappointing to have spent money on a faulty product, that’s on me for not researching the issues first. So I’m just trying to determine the best path going forward. Any insight would be appreciated.

We’re so very close to having something very exciting for you to work with. I think you’re going to be well pleased. Feel free to reach out to me privately - peterm@borisfx.com.