Ultragrain critique

Hey all,
Have you seen this criticism of Ultragrain? I was wondering what the peeps at Boris FX had to say about it?

UltraGrain has a control named Seed that determines the grain pattern. To get a different pattern, adjust the seed value.

Several Sapphire effects have a seed. It is a common way to direct the random elements.

I was taught that if I didn’t have something nice to say, then say nothing at all. So I will refrain from critique of Mr. Lateri’s video.

I’m coming at this more from the colorist perspective and wanting a grain filter that looks aesthetically pleasing.

I like UltraGrain OK but wish there were options for even smaller (finer) grain. And that you could actually sharpen, not just blur the grain.

My favorite looking grain is actually the DVO Regrain, although it’s insanely slow (not real time playback).