UltraZap line opacity?

Hi, in this pic i’ve drawn a red rectangle with Mocha, I’m wondering if it would poss to control the opacity of the line,
Zap only, Screen & Add, whatever i do with the controls there’s transparency to it, i’d like to make it a more solid colour, Thanks.

In my case it doesn’t even show a rectangular spline, it just shows rectangular lightning.

@SummaryActivityNot Sorry not sure i understand, where doesn’t it show?
Ah, i get it, you need to choose Neon Tube from the presets

Try add the parameter Zap Brightness.

Tried that, it just makes the transparent zap brighter, not less opaque

Did you try Zap only + Vegas event opacity?

Yep, when it’s zap only without anything behind it looks quite solid

but turn on the layer below & it’s just like Screen or Add, I’ve tried all the track composite settings

It seems pretty good in my PC, you can try my preset : UPLOAD.EE - 1234.xml - Download

Put the Vegas xml preset in “C:\Users\YourName\Documents\OFX Presets\com.genarts.sapphire.Render.S_UltraZap\Filter\1234.xml”

White looks ok on my screen too but change it to a colour it becomes opaque, try making a little wider n you’ll see

You are right. That’s so strange.