UltraZap Text Project using Vegas Pro

I am very interested in the example shown in the tutorial about using UltraZap to highlight text and I would like to do something similar within Vegas Pro. I am not sure how to set up the “Native Zap Splines” mentioned at 1:27. Is there any information on how to do this?

I do have After Effects CS6, but I’m not sure that this will work with the Sapphire version I have purchased?

Hi Mike, By native zap splines I mean creating a shape around your text using the control points on the UltraZap spline. Obviously that’s fairly limited and you’d have to apply multiple instances of UltraZap to your text. Best case is to use current text and path features exclusive to After Effects. Best, John.

Many thanks for your comments John

Hello, Can OFX use current text and logo’s edge to genarate zap? Or use Mocha spline?