Unable to Activate license Mocha Pro 2021

Hi, I’m hopping someone from bosri can help me with this…I using mac with big sur os and adobe AE cc 2021, and I already purchase and download the mocha pro 2021 8.0.3 for adobe host and get email from BFX Orders which contains the activation number and instructions on how to install.

But when I open AE and use mocha pro and then I register the plugin, I choose to activate my license which (requires internet connection)

I enter the activation that I got from the BFX order email

after I waited a while a pop up appeared containing "Error -103 requesting activation Networking error (in msg_init()) (-103) 0x7cf92b

I’ve tried restarting my macbook repeatedly and the result is still the same error message always comes out.

Any help much appreciated.

All the best,

Hi there, we do not recommend you use the forums for licensing issues for your account security. Please contact support here: Boris FX | Open a Case

And they will get you sorted out.