Unable to activate license


I’m hoping someone from Borix/Imagineer can help me with this.

The PC I was running Mocha VR on had a catastrophic HD failure, so I couldn’t even boot up Windows. I’m now working on another PC but have run into a problem activating Mocha VR. After entering the serial number and my details, pressing the ‘Activate’ button gives me the following error message:

Failed to activate: Failed to activate.

My guess is that I can’t activate it because the previous install needs to be deactivated first. As mentioned above, the HD failure on the previous PC means I have no way of deactivating it myself.

I’ve opened a support ticket but haven’t heard back yet. It’s a real pain, as I have a stereo 360 shot that needs stabilizing, so am twiddling my thumbs waiting at the moment.

Any help much appreciated.

All the best,


Hi Andy,

Do you think you can send an email to support@borisfx.com with your Serial? You can write it to my attention (ATTN: Jon) - Or, if you’d like, do you have a Case Number that I can look up? I should be able to Reset this Serial or get you an Unlock Code to re-establish your License.



Hi Jon,

Thanks for your response. I managed to get this resolved with a phone call. J-P sorted it for me.

Thanks again & all the best,


Hi Andy.

Glad to hear that you are good to go. If anything comes up later, related or unrelated, you can email Support and put it to my Attention.