"Unable to aquire rendered frame"

So I am having a problem trying to 3d camera track a scene in AE, not in Mocha. I am asking here because I cannot find an answer in Adobe forums and I know I will always get help here. I have had no problems 3d camera tracking video at all getting this error. I have the latest AE, I have everything updated on my computer top to bottom. I have rebooted the computer. I have Pre-composed the video, changed video types to several types, changed to PNG sequence. The video I am trying to track, I have tracked a week earlier with no problems whatsever. I tracks for a couple of seconds and then gives me the “Unable to aquire rendered frame” at different times of the track. I hope you can help. I have downloaded several other videos from various websites with very easy tracking videos and it does the same thing. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no luck. Tried going down an earlier version and still no luck.

Have you tried caching the footage?
Are there any effects like a retime on the footage? If so, remove them.
Have you tried tracking with CPU instead of GPU?

Can you try these and let me know?

I always cache footage before I track. No effects are on the footage. Will try and track with CPU when I get home after work.

I cannot find a option to track with CPU instead of GPU. I have looked through all the preferences and cannot find a option to change this.

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Sorry, this is something you have to do in Mocha preferences. To turn off the GPU tracking, go to File>Preferences inside of Mocha, select the GPU tab, turn GPU tracking off, save and close Mocha Pro. If you are using the standalone, simply restart Mocha, if using the plugin, save and close your Mocha software and save and restart the host software.

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You did see in my initial post that this was just a problem in After Effects and not in Mocha at all? I know this is a Moch site but I thought you might have some insight into this problem. If you cannot help me here, I understand, sorry for wasting your time.

You’re not wasting my time, I am telling you how to do this for your software, and because this is a forum where people read posts trying to find broad solutions, also mentioning where it can be done in other versions of the software too. :slight_smile:

Try using CPU tracking instead of GPU and let me know.

I actually did try this and it didnt work.

OK, thanks, can you email me the file and I can take a look? Mary P at Boris FX dot com.


It’s not just a single video from my computer, it is any video from any stock video website on the internet. I download a random video, from say Pexel.com, plug it in and 10-15 frames in, it fails. Every video clip I have. I have about 5 on my computer from different websites that don’t work.

So I just got home, uninstalled and reinstalled all my Nvidia drivers and everything works great now. As always, thanks for your input. I had a friend at work tell me to try and reinstall the drivers and see if that works, and it did. Take care and have a great day.

Thanks for letting us know. That’s odd, if the driver needed updating the switching to CPU should have then worked and that would have told us to investigate the GPU. Either way, glad you’re sorted out.