Unable to get area position in front of camera

Do you know this fault?

" Unable to get area position in front of camera "

He came back and come back again, until I force the closure of Mocha Pro…

Someone information to guide me ?


Version 3.2.1 build 7276
Build Date Sep 23 2013

This might be because your are manually tracking and the skew is enough to be causing the track instability.

What is your goal with the shot?

This error means that the planar track has scaled too far behind the camera and therefore is providing unstable results. This normally occurs where you are doing a large movement.

Is the error repeating over and over, or only when you track?


Thank you, I’m not sure I understood with English / French translation
this is the “blocking” software that poses problem with this error message

I could do nothing else, fortunately I had a backup shortly before
After rendering “M1 Mask”

This happened when I put the last of the four corners
see screenshot attached: Adobe Creative Cloud