Unable to get surface position in front of camera

When doing a manual track to “fill in” a missed area of an autotrack, the program freezes with this error “Unable to get surface position in front of camera” and requires a Force Quit.

The solve is set to Translation, Scale, Rotation, and Shear ( not Perspective ).

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My guess is perhaps the perspective of the object being tracked changes too much in those frames that are being tracked manually. Big shifts in perspective can have adverse effects on the track. I had something similar (without the force quit). I had to break up the track into multiple parts. Then combine the resulting tracking data once in After Effects.

See this post: Unable to get surface position in front of camera - Mocha Pro - Boris FX Forum


Yes, this is the surface moving behind the camera. You can use “align surface” to move the surface back to the screen and make it more parallel to the screen to prevent this from happening or to correct where it has gone wrong. And then you can delete the offending keyframes that move the surface behind the camera.


Got it.

Turning on the planar grid made this all more intuitive. It helped me visualize how small tweaks to the blue surface corners can really make that underlying grid get wacky.

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Perfect, I am glad that sorted the issue for you!