Unable to pre-compose video file in the created matte track


I’m running Mocha AE Plug-in v7.5.0

I’m trying to properly pre-compose a video file over top a moving phone screen. For some reason when I apply the create matte track to the video file, it tracks it, but I can’t get it to pre-compose on to the screen.

I’ve attached several screenshots for anyone to see.

Thank you

I need screenshots of settings to tell you why it isn’t working. How does the track look in Mocha? Not the spline, but the track itself? What method are you using to composite it? What are you trying to precompose? I need more information to help.

Hi Mary,

Thank you for responding.

The method I’m using to composite is the precompose option on the layer. Once I add the matte data to the layer, I pre-composite the video file. Then I I try to fit the video on the phone. I’ve screen shot my process for and settings for you to see.

I basically trying to get the video to on the phone screen and to follow it.

Perfect, this has to do with how you are aligning the data. Can you watch this tutorial and it will help solve this for you?

Hi Mary,

Thank you for the link, this helped a lot. One other question: How do I get it to fill the entire matte? I have an image of what it looks like. I basically trying to cover the entire screen.

You can cut it out into a square and then fit it to the comp. You can do this in Photoshop or in AE with a mask. You’ll need to make the surface tool bigger and use a Mocha Mask to round it out.

Okay, are there tutorial on how to do this?

I show fit to comp in the tutorial I linked above. If you need a specific AE tutorial, you might check Adobe’s tutorials.