Unable to relink footage clip

All was going well, then I shutdown my computer and drives last night. Turned them on this am and opened AE and Mocha Pro.

Now I’m getting an error window that says Mocha cannot find the clip I was using to roto from. “Failed to Open, file not found”

When I go and ‘relink’ under Parameter>Clip window the work area gets a yellow dotted box and the loading timeline seems to be stuck on 0%.

This is two weeks of solid work and deadline in a few days. Hope I haven’t lost it all.

BTW I am relatively new to Mocha Pro so am hoping I have overlooked an easy solution–fingers crossed.




Hi there,

Can you try moving one of the clips to the local drive and re-linking it? It may be that you are experiencing an external drive malfunction. Please let me know, and we will explore this issue further.