Unable to Stabilize 360 Footage

I’m trying to stabilize a 360 shot of someone skiing but I’m unable to get it to work.

I followed the video tutorial posted that shows using Mocha with Skybox Studio (https://www.imagineersystems.com/videos/360vr-stabilization-techniques-for-adobe/?back=https://www.imagineersystems.com/video/?dd=dateNew&orderby=date&order=DESC) and everything seems to be tracked when I paste the transform data to the null in After Effects, but after applying the expression provided in that video, nothing get’s stabilized. I made sure to change the frame width of the expression used to the width of my video but still no luck.

Does anyone have any advice to get a stabilized 360 shot using Mocha and plugins like Skybox Studio?

Hi there,

Here are the basic steps for Stabilizing with mocha and Skybox:

  1. Add SkyBox convertor, choose Equi>Hex
  2. Add mocha plug-in, track a plane for stabilization
  3. Either export & paste transform data to a new NUL layer OR use the new track keyframes in plug-in and copy to a NULL layer.
  4. On the transform data keyframes, right click on Position and choose Separate Dimensions
  5. Precomp and add Skybox, choose Hex>Equi
Parenting the mocha data to Skybox reorient:
  1. Add expression on the Tilt Parameter and pick whip to the NULL's Y keyframes.
  2. Edit expression and add (*360/4096 +value) Note: 4096 is the comp width, so that should be replaced for other size comps.
  3. Add expression on the Pan Parameter and pick whip to the NULL's X keyframes. Edit expression and add (*360/4096 +value)
  4. Roll Parameter (rotation) Parent the Roll to Z (in degrees, no additional expression required)
Try that and let me know if it works for you.



Hi Mary,

Following your instructions really helped!

In the video tutorial it originally said to have tilt go to X and pan go to Y, but swapping those as stated in your above instructions seemed to have fixed a lot of the weird movements I was getting.

The horizon is looking much more stable now however there is still a little movement left in the pan. Are there any additional steps to consider for the camera still swaying a little or is this something best resolved by keyframing out the pan manually?

Thanks again for the help. It’s already looking much better.

The best way to even out any other tilts is to track another section and stabilize over the top of your stabilize. So two passes of stabilize methodology. You’re never going to lock it down, but you’ll make it a LOT smoother and easier to watch.

Perfect! Thanks for all the help.