Unable to track Layer (Error: 'Tracking layer terminated prematurely)

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:
I have a problem tracking a phone screen in Mocha AE (After Effects Version 17.1.3 Build 41).

Here is the footage: Uploading: Phone_product_shot_1.mp4…

I have created an x-spline shape around the hand and animated it and moved the layer above that of the screen (so that it will be excluded from the track). When clicking on track forward (with the phone layer selected), I immediately get the error 'Tracking layer terminated prematurely".

Am i doing something completely wrong that jumps out? I can’t seem to find the solution online :frowning:

i have put the project files here: Product_shot_screen - Google Drive

Thanks in advance!

I can’t open those right now but do you have a lot of compression, a lot of motion, or a time remapping on the clip? That can cause that error. Also, try tracking with GPU tracking turned off. In mocha, go to file>preferences and then the gpu tab, turn mocha GPU tracking off, save and close, and restart the host and try again and see if that works.

Also, try tracking the edges of the screen so reflections don’t mess your track up. Just make sure to include your tracking markers.

Try that and let me know!

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Turning off the GPU tracking worked! thank you :smile: