Unable to Track Layer


I am currently working on creating roto mattes in Mocha AE for After Effects CC.

I had 6 previous layers that all functioned and tracked properly. After making my seventh using the x-spline tool, I have unable to select the tracking processing button or see any frame in my timeline outside of the initial frame. I have tried altering this in the Layer Properties, but I am unable to alter the Out point on the layer beyond frame 0.

I was able to successfully track the other layers over all 109 frames, but am unable to alter their layer properties now as well.

Please advise

This sounds like you may have accidentally altered the project range.
Are your in and out points on the timeline set to the full range?

That’s what I thought at first as well. Is there a setting I might be missing to adjust this? The project setting is still set to 109 frames with a first frame offset of 0 under the Project settings.