Unable to undistort

I am just following tutorial. The teacher in the tutorial doesnt have this error ( “Unable to undistort, output clip undefined” ) but I do. Why?

Hi there!
Everything in that image looks about right, so the error does seem abnormal.

What version of Mocha Pro is this?

I have the same problem (unable to undistort: output clip undefined), using AE CC18 with Mocha Pro 2019 (Version 6.0.0 build 1882.g0a2ceee02e42)

Can you send your log to us from the help menu?

Hi, the log attachment was rejected by your servers, so I send you an wetransfer-link:


best, m

Can you try the latest version in trial mode to see if you get the same issue? This may be an old bug resurfacing from the 2019 version.