Unable to use Render (Buttons)

I had a small clip where I wanted to remove a scar on someones body. I successfully tracked it and made a clean plate Tiff file in Photoshop. I have it loaded in the Input section and checked ‘use cleanpate exclusively’ but when I try to render this, the buttons are greyed out…what am I missing? :slight_smile: Thx

You probably need to turn the gear on in the remove layer, in the remove tab of mocha Pro. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.




Thanks for the reply! It only seemed to work when I have more than 1 xshape made, if I just have a single one it still remains grayed.

Ah, well, yes. You need two layers for the remove.

The top layer is roto around the object you need to remove.
The bottom layer is the track of the background that actually creates the remove.

Got it thanks again!

Hi MaryP!

I’m currently editing a video where I have to remove a pair of hands. The tracking was a little difficult because there was a lot of movement in swinging of the arms but I finally got it. I followed your tutorial on removing the microphone exactly how you explained, but after I removed the hands in Photoshop and tried to render out the clean plate in Mocha, I kept getting an error. It rendered just fine for about 22 frames and then it stopped and brought an error that said “Failed to save image.” I have no idea why that is and I really need to get past that. Can you help me please?? Also my email is jamesblack713@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Hi James,
Can you make sure the file is not being written to the network? That sometimes causes issues. Otherwise, can you send me the file and source footage and I can take a look?