Undistort and Export


Please excuse me if this is documented in one of the training videos but i don’t have much time to search.


I need to apply my lens distortion and render out the overscanned image.

The problem I have is Mocha renders out the image at the size of the original plate, cropping it.

I’m sure these a button somewhere but i haven’t come across it.


In the lens export you can render the ST map out at any size you like, simply change the sizes and render and you should get the ST maps you need.

If you render the corrected image out of mocha it will crop the image for you.


I kind of wanted the images with the over scan but i was just testing something and yes the ST Maps I understood it was just the exporting of the plate at the new resolution but if that can’t be done that’s why i wasn’t finding it.

I’ve got a solution generating ST Maps using some of the 3de tools but thanks for your help.