Unexpected gaps in paint

Trying to understand where I am going wrong here. The first screen shot is the alpha output of my roto node, which feeds into a paint node. The second screenshot is the alpha output of that paint node. I’m not sure where the gap in the alpha is being introduced. Any insight?

It looks like you have Alpha enabled in the Paint tab.


Thank for the reply. Marco. I checked and do not have alpha enabled in the paint tab. Including a screenshot of the paint stroke lines, if that helps.Silhouette_qJXXhVmEeJ

Can you show a screenshot of your user interface showing the Paint tab and you node setup?

What brush did you use?

Screenshots attached. I am using the drag brush

I can’t reproduce the problem. I suggest creating a new Paint node and the paint with the Drag Brush. Periodically look at the alpha to see if the problem occurs.

Also, you can fix the issue by placing a Composite > Switch Matte node after Composite and plug-in Composite 1 into the left input and the output of the Roto node into the right input.