UNKNOWN ERROR- so annoying

I have been working with - 7200X 3000 resolution clips and every day, I have to deal with an “unknown error” when Mocha opens up from Nukex. It doesn’t happen on every clip but just about every 3 clips I get this error. Sometimes if I advance the timeline or move to another frame, it will open in mocha. But often, I have to restart to get it to work .

I thought it might be the Vram but when its happening, the vram shows less than 5 gigs
(out of the 12gigs on the 3080 card) so there should be plenty of head room.

Anyone having this issue??

An unknown error usually means Nuke has not read or cached the image from the Read node and can’t send the Mocha OFX plugin the image data in time. Often you’ll see this as a read error in the Read node itself until it corrects itself in the node graph.

Is this specifically a clip or a sequence? Nuke handles sequences far more easily than clips so we see this problem far less when a sequence is used.

Also, make sure that the Mocha output is connected to the View node somewhere downstream. Nuke can’t send all frames to Mocha when the viewer node isn’t attached.

The clips are QuickTime prores files that I 've been having the issues with .
I’m glad to hear that its not a vram issue but still annoying to deal with it at times.

I normally just attach the mocha node to the read node and have the viewer attached as well.
Honestly, I never have this issue, so I’m guessing the 7200 X 3000 might have something to do with.

Thanks for the reply & info,