Unless I'm missing something it would be great to have the dope sheet opening according to the frame range

Hi there,
I’m using Mocha on premiere for the first time to replace a projection on a screen.
It’s 1 hour film and I need to work on mocha here and there.
I’ve seen when you need to copy and paste keyframes you can do it only in the dope sheet.
(I would also like to copy and paste keyframe in the main composition window as well BTW)
So when I open the dope sheet it opens from frame 0.
So in my case I have to navigate it to reach the frame 82397.
This create confusion to a new user (it created confusion to me)
because when you open it you don’t see any keyframe there.
I would expect the dope sheet to open in the range of the frames you are really working on.
So in my case I have the range of frames from 82397 to 82906
why the dope sheet should open from 0 to 82906?
Wouldn’t be better to open, according to the footage, from 82397 to 82906?
Is this a bug or I am missing something?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice day,


Hi David,
We hear your concern. The ability to “auto zoom” dope sheet timeline to specific range and more functionality in this area is logged as feature request. Currently to use the dope sheet, you do have to do a little bit of manual search and it is not intuitive to a new user.

One note that some users might not be aware on most of the numeric entry fields in Mocha, you can copy a value and paste. This will not help for roto/shape keyframes but can be useful for other keyframed tasks.