Unlink Link To Track button doesn't show None

Hi I’m just watching your vids to practice Unlink Tracking,
it seems to work but the button doesn’t change to None when chosen.

Sorry, do you mean None deselects back to Layer 4?

When i click this button choosing None the button still shows Layer 4

The track unlinks tho, just the button doesn’t change

Ignore what i’m trying to track, i was just practicing on all sorts of clips i had
but the button not changing shows in this & that the track is unlinked on screen

Interesting, I will check with @Martinb and see if we can reproduce this.

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Hi just to give you an update, I had to reinstall Windows, & so had to reinstall all programs.
this button in Mocha not changing to None still doesn’t change, when opening from Vegas or Hitfilm Pro,
Just to let you know, :+1::+1:

Thanks for reporting this. We have a fix in the works.

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This has now been fixed and will be in the v9.0.1 maintenance release coming out today.

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Thankyou, got the update & yep fixed :+1: