Unpredictable Filling Of A Grid. Plz Help

So I’ve made a grid and have spinny flippy circles filling each grid square. The thing is, all the grid squares don’t always get filled. And if they do or not is totally unpredictable. I’ve tried changing MANY parameters, but it seems that altho changing setting does affect how the grid gets filled, it is again not consistent and also totally unpredictable. I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong.
As such, attached is the project file. I’m not sure if the custom emitters I used are needed, so I’ve also included my custom emitters library.
Spinning Circles In A Grid.zip (3.5 MB)

Project files are self-contained so you never need to include the library file too.

You might have found a bug, or maybe this is the way the PI has always worked. The issue is the “emit at points” option. When you use it with 2 different types of particles, it seems like the count of where particles need to get added gets messed up. The best way to fix it in your project is to break it into 2 emitters with one particle type each – then it starts working correctly. I’ve attached a modified project for you.

Spinning Circles In A Grid - modified.bpi.zip (68.7 KB)

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Thanks. :smiley: