Unselectable point cloud in Nuke using 3.0?

Hi again,
I am not sure if the point cloud info is selectable.
After importing fbx data from Mocha 3.0 to Nuke 6.3.7,I am trying to select one of the 5 default points that come into nuke.
How do you get X,Y,Z coordernates from the points so you can line up a 3D model in it?

What I don’t understand is, how do you get a “Location” of the points if you can not get any XYZ values? Are we suppose to “eye ball it’” and keep tweaking it until we get the 3D object to thr point cloud location?
I’m kind of lost about that one.
Thanks Martin for the reply,

Hi Lou,
This might be one for the Nuke forum, as we just export the FBX file with a point cloud which is read in different ways by each application (Cinema 4D for example reads the points in as separate nulls).
Proper FBX support was only introduced in 6.3v7, so we have a format that gets the camera and point cloud in with correct axis orientation. I am not certain of individual selection of points in the cloud, but I will see what I an find out for you.

While you can’t directly see coordinates for individual points inside the point clouds of ReadGeo, you can snap an object to a selected point.
It’s a bit hidden away, but here’s how you can snap a 3d object to points:

  1. On the top right of the viewer in Nuke, you will see a “Node Selection” button. If you click and hold this you will see an option for vertex selection.
  2. Select “Vertex selection” and then select a point you wish to align your object to.
  3. Double click on your 3d object node and click the snap button. This is the one that looks like a x/y axis
  4. You will see an option for snapping to whichever transform you need for the selected point
    See pages 318-322 of the Nuke 6.3v7 user guide for more information on this.