Unsupported file formats - from one day to the other

Hi - big problem.

i had Mocha since April 19. working fine track for example an iPhone screen and insert a MP4 file an source for my selection - in the plugin I was able to see the interred file.

the next time I want to use the project, I received an error wit the message that the file format is corrupted or niche supported.

I used MP4 an QuickTime MOV videos. Both running fine…

But not now anymore - I used Mojave. so I installed Catalina - same problem…

i had a call to APPLE , because I thought is was an Apple Problem - the checked my installation - everything fine!

Now - when I am in the INSERT mode an say choose file / options - he shows me only Pictureformats - no video formats anymore!

Wäre is the problem, because with this situation I can’t use the software anymore!

i alreday checked old faqs about this problem.

Projects which running in the past are now with “corrupted files” messages.

Did you uninstall quicktime or change the configuration of your machine? Did you update your OS? If you updated to Catalina, we don’t support it yet, because it changed the way images are processed.

Can you let me know and I will be happy to help you further?


Updating to Catalina caused the known issues, that your codec is no longer supported via insert, file import.

You can either convert that insert to a format that Mocha reads such as seq files OR if you are using Mocha Pro as a plug-in, you can use the plugin to channel in a video layer (in comp/timeline) and tell the insert module to use this layer.

This QuickTime support and codec issue should be resolved in a future version. The plugin method does not have the issue because the host application provides the media support. Hope this makes sense.

Hi - nice to get an answer. I had the problem before Catalin - is thought, that an Catalina solve the problem. Now I am “on Catalina” and will not back.

My yearly “usage” is going up to April 20 - if there is no solution, there is no reason to use the software anymore - I need it for 3-4 projects per year. for inserting JPGS or PNGs its too expensive and I can use a 4 point solution within premiere. The Software is nice - but only in an comfortable way of usage for companies like me - small - quick/dirty/but good - like MOCHA was before my problem from one day of the other - I habe the Adobe Plugin - running for 8 mother-in-law well - but after I am not able to work on existing projects - I had to reconstruct then with standard keyframe animations…

btw - after I had the first problem and saw the posts in the Internet, I spend minimum of 2 days to solve my problem - reinstalls Quicktime, reinstalls ist - swell as all other additional software to like VLC an so on.

But no chance to work on projects where Mocha was involved before. always by loading the project “unsupported file format - visit …”

On Mocha Website MP4 is supported…

i create a new user on my Imac Pro - problem is the same! I reinstalled Mocha - same Problem

pleas helpo - otherwise I can not buy a license for the next 12 Month

regards from Germany

If you have the Mocha Pro Adobe plug-in, than the solution to your problem is to only use video clips from inside Premiere or After Effects and not imported to Mocha externally.

This video shows the workflow to do a tracked insert in Premiere with the Mocha Pro plug-in.

Note that you can import your MP4 file into Premiere, put it on a different video timeline layer, then channel into the Insert module. See pic:

If you open an older project, you can change the insert input from the external MP4 to the one that has been imported into Premiere.

Again, this issue is due to quicktime and movie file support in Mocha. We are building a new media i/o pipeline that will be updated in future versions, but if you have the plug-in the issue is solved simply by using the host engine for all media i/o.

Thanks so much - it is different way I had before - but it is working - now I can use the software for my next period!