Untracking tracked surface

I have a surface tracked from frame 1-100 (it’s purple in the time scrubber). But between 25-35 the tracking goes wonky. I want to delete the tracked data (turn the time scrubber red between 25-35) and switch to manual and have it tween between the end and beginning of where the track is great.

How can I delete the tracking data from a time range of a surface that’s already been tracked?

You can either delete them by switching to manual track and using the keyframe tools on the righthand side of the time bar to delete them OR you can simply open the dope sheet and select those keyframes to delete them.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


Manual mode puts a keyframe at every frame. How do I delete a range of them?

And if I go into the Dope Sheet, what do I delete?

You will need to navigate to your layer in the dope sheet, and find the track data for that layer… the layers and data are labeled. Select the keyframes in a range you want gone and simply delete them. Otherwise you’d have to do it frame by frame in manual track.