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I’ve been using mocha for a few years, and by using, i mean pulling it up every once in a while when i’m like “mocha will crush this”, and then hammering through because i’m always perpetually rusty. With that, I feel like the training on mocha ae is pretty scattered now, especially since the introduction of the AE plugin, which is WAY better. I have a few questions.

  • Is there like a master list of new up to date methods to do the most common things in Mocha AE, that doesn’t get into Mocha pro, etc, and probably just does whatever old projects just showing the new workflow? Getting around the youtube is a bit haphazard but if that’s what it is, that’s fine i just feel like i’m poking through a lot of stuff.

  • Today i had to remove a Skechers S from a shoe. It was of course every bad thing you could imagine, fingers in front, lace flying in front, motion blur, changing angles, etc. The workflow I did was to track the fingers, the lace, and the S in the same plugin layer, then dupe the layer, and just use mattes for the individual objects. Does that make sense to do? Is there a better way? to cover up the S with maroon, i just enabled the matte of the tracked S, and used a color solid to just obscure it.

  • With Apply Matte, is that essentially just doing the same thing as Create AE Mask, without creating the mask?

  • In the Mocha Plugin, under Layer properties, i used to remember you being able to set ins and outs of each layer, and they’d pop in and out when you didn’t need them. When i set the ins and outs now, it seems to apply to the whole project. Bug, or did that change?

  • If i wanted to paint something in photoshop, say a material over that S, Would the way still be to export a frame from AE to Ps, paint it, Track in Mocha and use ALIGN TO SURFACE, and then apply that track data to the still frame that is of course the same size as my composition? Or has this been streamlined in the new plugin?

Sorry to brain dump, i’m just getting reacquainted with mocha because i love using it, and i think the new plugin format is so many worlds better, i’m just losing some things i thought i understood before, and i’m rusty. Thanks!

OK! Let me try to address this point by point!

We have a ton of training on the website. Youtube is always scattered. But our video section shouldn’t be. You can check out our getting started guide: Boris FX | Videos

We also have some webinars on tricky tracks: Boris FX | Webinar: Difficult Tracking Challenges. A Mocha project breakdown.

For your sketchers, yeah, I would use a corner pin if you’re only using AE. But Mocha Pro has a grid warp feature that might have made that easier. For masking out objects over the top, yes, I would just use another layer with Mocha shapes on it. Mocha Pro again though does auto motion blur on your shapes.

Apply matte applies the matte but as a plugin, so no points and splines, and can render a bit slower than just splines. Other than that, you can feather both, so there’s not a difference in appearance, but a difference in application.

You set in and outs in layer properties, however, I do not like the way AE brings in our shapes and always animate them on and offscreen. It also means I use less layers. If you set a global in and out on the timeline it will affect all layers.

AE comping still needs to use align surface for regular corner pinning.

Take a look at the training and consider a subscription to Pro, it’s worth it, IMO. Yeah, I know I work here, but as an artist, it just saves me time to use one over the other. :wink:


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I couldn’t see much helpful training last I looked so I went with Red Giant which to be better supported.

Thanks, but I’ve gone with Red Giant now. Also, I didn’t get your pricing model.

@ Matt, in my experience, BFX produces tools I can’t do my work without, tutorials are excellent and pricing has always been upfront and fair. Sorry to see you go.

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I’m sure they’re good but the trial was too short to get into seeing whether they were worth the money, and I didn’t get how the pricing worked.

Awesome info thanks. So follow up question to that…

Could you accomplish the same thing by just doing a freeze frame on a layer in AE, using the clone stamp to do your paint, precimp it (same layer size of course) and then just use align surface for that? It would save the trip and hassle out of AE to Ps for something that is a fairly simple paint job? Or am I missing something ?

You can, absolutely, you’ll just have to mask it with a track mask.

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