Update completely broke licensing (and therefor my project)

Hey guys. Big problem here. I upgraded to Mocha Pro 5.1 and it broke my licensing and eternally encrypted my project.

I was using the Mocha Pro Plugin for AE. While in Mocha Pro, I got prompted for an update. It promised upgrades to the remove module and, since I was having some trouble with it at the time I thought “yay I’ll go ahead and upgrade!”

Well I saved, closed down AE and upgraded. All seemed to go fine. I relaunched AE, opened up the project, went into the Mocha plugin and did some work. I hit render on the remove module and the watermark came up…

“That’s odd” I thought. I went into licensing. It showed it was licensed to me just fine. I went back and forth trying to figure out what was going on. It was clearly acting like a non licensed version. As I attempted to close the plugin and go back to AE, I got warned that when I closed it, the project would be encrypted and inaccessible forever. I kept trying to figure out what was going on. I deactivated, reactivated, didn’t matter. It now associated my production file as a PLE file and decided that all of my work was going to be destroyed. Eventually I had to get back to AE… I have a deadline to hit. When I eventually just hit save and exited sure enough it encrypted it. If I tried to click the “Launch Mocha” (the plugin is still applied to the layer) then it sure enough launches and says “the file you’re trying to open was created with PLE and won’t work with the Pro version” (or something like that) and launches a blank Mocha.

So the takeaway here is that if you upgrade Mocha, when you relaunch from an already in progress project, it immediately flags that project as PLE and your only option is to exit and encrypt it. Thus rendering it unusable.

Now there is a fix - and that was to just exit the AE project and make sure you DO NOT SAVE anything. When you relaunch it re-associated my Mocha and it’s project just fine. I’m guessing if I would have saved the AE project it would have permanently flagged that working file as a LE version and not Pro version.

There’s clearly a big licensing issue glitch that might screw someone over big time!

We do recommend that you show your startup screen on launch, it will tell you if you’re running in unlicensed mode or not. That should prevent running in LE mode without knowing it.

But we have also been seeing more licensing errors lately. Have you gotten your license running properly now?
If not, please try the following:

If your license is installing and the software keeps popping up in LE mode, chances are your license is not installing properly. Normally, activating your license is a two step process, you activate the key and install the license. If you’re activating normally and the license is still not working, try this:

Run one of our cleaner scripts in order to completely wipe away the previously established licensing entries between mocha and the OS. To run these scripts successfully you must be logged into your OS as an Admin-level User account, and you need to close all other programs.
On the Mac:
  1. Quit any NLEs or any other software that might be running in conjunction with mocha.
  2. Download: Cleaner For OSX
  3. Quit mocha Pro 5, no uninstall needed.
  4. Run the cleaner installer.
  5. The cleaner will start immediately after it installs.
  6. Let it run, it will not run for more than a few moments. No user input is needed.
  7. Install your license again if prompted for a new license.
On Windows:
  1. Quit any NLEs or any other software that might be running in conjunction with mocha.
  2. Download: Cleaner for Windows
  3. Uninstall mocha Pro 5 in all it’s forms, Plug-In and standalone.
  4. Run the cleaner process, you must Right-Click on the Cleaner and select “Run As Administrator” .
  5. The cleaner will pop up a command window for a moment and then close itself. No user input is needed.
  6. Reinstall any mocha products you own again.
  7. Install your license again if prompted for a new license.
You do not need to restart your machine for the cleaner tools to work.
Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.

Yup, I got it going fine now. Just by exiting the AE project without saving. It seems to be a one off glitch, but could have been disastrous. (yeah yeah never update in the middle of a project :slight_smile: ).

Although I don’t know if the splash screen would have helped, because at least the licensing was saying it was correctly licensed. I even deactivated and reactivated successfully but it wouldn’t let go of the project as a LE version!

All safe now.

Thanks very much for the details!

This is something we’ve seen reported a few times now, so we’re trying to get to the bottom of the one-off reactivation issue.

But it’s definitely a problem that you’re not seeing the warning when you load the first time! We’ll give it a look.