Updated Help Center - new PI FAQ

We’ve updated the Support Help Center!


All of the products have updated info, including Particle Illusion. The FAQ for PI is pretty extensive now – please check it out and let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see added there.


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Is this a major improvement? should be appreciated, quick access to a lot of information and support but most of them are linked to FAQ. Probably missing host filters, for instance I’m a Resolve user, I do not care about Final Cut purpose, time consuming. By the way, We are missing links (or they are not visible) to the official reference documentation. I guess you’re on a good way, thanks

Thanks for noticing the missing link to the documentation!

Note that this is the Particle Illusion forum, so I was referencing PI only – there’s no reference to Final Cut in the PI Help Center so I’m not sure what you’re referring to with that.

What specific PI host-related info would you like to see added?

Hello Alan_Lorence
I am from Morocco and I have been using your program since the first version, I think, in 2013, and I fell in love with this very interesting program.
In that version, there was the possibility of adding more than one layer, but in modern versions, this cannot be done!?
Can we find these things in the next updates? Such as adding more than one layer and also the appearance of the particle in order from top to bottom.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! In the 2023.5 release it will still be a single layer. Why are multiple layers important to you?

Particles are drawn based on their order in 3D space in a 3D project, but in a 2D project you can still select one of the “keep particles in order” options. What else are you looking for?


I searched a lot for a property “keep particles in order” in the program interface and I did not find it !

Select the emitter node and look in the Properties section…

Note that you must be in 2D mode for this to work.

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Thank you very much, Mr. Alan Lorence

Hello , I’m trying to swap order of emitters.
Emitters I’m using are Dan_alien_eye04
and Radar 04.
HUD control is on. I can move freely positions. The menus ( move up/down) for both emitters are greyed out.


This is a 3D project, so the order of emitters/particles is set by their positions in Z-space.

Change the position Z value for the emitter by typing in new values.

The emitters/particles closest to the camera will appear “on top” (in front) of other emitters/particles.


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Thanks Alan.
But I still don’t understand why the menus is greyed out.

Because they have no effect in a 3D project. They’re for a 2D project where emitters are drawn in “layers”.