Updated to PP but need an installer

Hi, i just updated my Boris to inc Adobe,
Downloaded the Trial of PP & will be continuing with the sub payments, (never used it before)
only Silhouette & BCC show in PP,
Neal on the chat says i need an installer to see Sapphire & Mocha,

Screenshot 2022-09-16 192914
Screenshot 2022-09-16 193046

Neal -
you need to install the adobe installer before seeing the effects’

Can you help with this or do i need to contact Support as he suggested, ?

I have all Boris units OFX + standalone versions. I didn’t understand what ‘Installer’ meant, I thought it was a separate installer that would add my plugins to PP.
Took me all night but I finally worked out that I just needed to install the Sapphire & Mocha Adobe downloads,
sorted now :+1:
I think,