Updates and Boris FX Application Manager?

Updating my Boris FX products has always been a problem for me, they never seem to go well.

Here is my feedback (as Software Engineer with decades of experience building web and desktop applications):

  1. The Application Manager shows an Action of “Update” next to the products I’ve purchased. Every few seconds it will “refresh” and change “Update” to “Buy” for a brief couple of seconds. If I just happen to be clicking on the Action that I think is “Update” and it changes to “Buy” I get routed to a purchase page? This screen shouldn’t be refreshing automatically, it’s a bad UI/UX design.

  2. When I click on Action “Update” it simply downloads a file and nothing more? My expectation is that it would download and run the file to install the update. Otherwise it’s not really an “Action” since it’s just downloading and not actually doing the “Update”. If this is “by design”, then it would be more accurate to use the word “Download” rather than “Update” because downloading is all that actually happens (the action).

  3. Under the “Licensing” tab, it lists more products than what is listed under “Products” tab. This inconsistency is confusing. Often I don’t really understand what my license purchase really covers. In addition, there is no information under “License Kind” nor “Expiry/Renewal”. I have no idea when my license is going to expire nor what type of license I have without doing further research or contacting support.

  4. The application doesn’t prompt for a login at initial start. This is strange since most of the activity involved in this application (i.e. checking for updates) requires an internet connection and account access.

It looks an feels like the Boris FX Application Manager was quickly developed and released as a feature “checkmark” rather than useful functionality.

I don’t know BORIS FX relationship with Adobe, but you could build some relatively simple Web API and ask Adobe to incorporate calls to your BORIS FX web API via Adobe CC and have your updates automatically execute under the Adobe CC single point of entry (I think this is where you folks wanted to go with for BORIS FX Application Manager). From a code perspective, this would be extremely simple (especially with .NET Core 6 and .NET 6 framework that runs on Linux, OSX, iOS, Win10/11).

Just providing some feedback to help streamline your product updates and increase your potential customer exposure via Adobe CC integration.

EDIT: looks like Adobe have a very nice PlugIn manager where you can list your products and purchase them (Adobe have considerable number of listings in the PlugIn browser) … I’m guessing there will be some % fee Adobe will take (typically 25-30% of sales), but the exposure might be worth it.

Cheers, Rob.

Thank you for taking the time to document this series of issues that you’ve encountered while working with the Application Manager. - please know that I very much appreciate the effort.

We’re planning a complete redesign of the Application Manager product and we will incorporate your feedback into the redesign.

While we are working on the redesign project, which might take a while, we’ll provide an update to the current implementation so that our Mac M1 users can use it to deactivate/reactivate their licenses on Apple silicon equipped systems.

Thank you again for your feedback - know that it is well received and truly appreciated.


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