Updates question urgent (features )

  • such as gamma /brightness xx correction controls.

add more power controls to track objects when going out of sight / coming back in sight.
add a feature for dopesheet. = right-click option on keyframe = go to dropsheet for easy delete or update
need this. finding it a manually is pain in the backside.

Please Fix: Re-work on mocha Ae it’s a joke.
we like it better to open mocha.exe from AE and allow it to copy track data in the clipboard.
or at least keep it and add another option. give users more options do not restrict users by adding 1 option, some users like it some do not.
I do not use mocha ae anymore. I use standalone and copy and paste to a clipboard.
please update the mocha ae and allow users to use options that are in a standalone or at least open the standalone.exe

why not mocha ae
mocha ae keeps the data and allows the user to paste to nulls.
this does not help in all cases which is why standalone needs to be opened.
please re-work and allow standalone.exe to be opened and enable all features like before.

Add Features.

Auto Roto ( Like after effects ) around objects.
this will be a big bonus and in most cases, it will save a huge amount of time.
example a tv click on the object and clear auto spline around the tv.
airplane wings.
Click and auto roto around wings create splines around complex corners of the wings that have flaps.

I think you get it now.

please add this
please add this
please add this
with this it can be used to remove objects also, it will be a cleaner remove.
please add this
please add this
please add this

Thanks for sharing. We always appreciate and encourage users to post feature requests.
In the most recent version of Mocha Pro, there is a separate brightness and gamma viewer controls:


and in preprocessing you have more control of gamma and contrast:

As far as Mocha AE features, it is unlikely that Mocha AE will go back to being a standalone application. There were multiple instances when Adobe accidentally changed or broke the clipboard workflows on their updates, which is why the Create Track and Create Mask workflow was adopted. There have been far fewer support issues since Mocha AE became a plugin and these issues were resolved.

For Auto Roto, it may not be the same, but the magnetic spline tool can help make some shape creation much faster.