Upgrade from Vagas Pro to Adobe?

Hi, this prob is a stupid question but … I Have Continuum 2021 OFX & Mocha Pro 2021 OFX for Vegas Pro 18, I’ve just bought a better more powerful PC, AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 3.5GHz 32 Core , 256gb ram, GeForce RTX 3090 SUPRIM X 24GB OC GPU . , i’d like a better software video editor, the stupid question is Adobe worth updating for my plugins & render speed, I have a Samsung s21 Ultra phone that i film my work with,
& on that matter if i wanted to change over to Adobe Premiere pro 2020 what would it cost me to change hosts or would i pretty much have to re-buy them?
(i’d have to learn how to use Adobe, i haven’t got a clue :man_facepalming::rofl:)

You might also consider running Blackmagic Davinci Resolve on your new system, which considering that you already have the OFX version of both Continuum and Mocha Pro would be a total zero cost option for you. The Resolve software is free and the OFX plug-ins that are used in Resolve will automatically run in Vegas and you have already paid for that. Resolve is a very powerful editing and compositing solution and worth looking into. That said, if you have your heart set on an Adobe workflow then we can offer you a very reasonable upgrade path - you might want to check with our sales folks for pricing on that.

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Thanks i don’t really want Adobe particularly, i think it’s more a case of i want to upgrade from Vegas, it crashes all the time & on the Vegas forum people with better pc’s than me have problems so…
I’ve just spent ‘a lot’ on this pc so don’t mind spending a bit more on better software but Adobe seems to be an annual sub, ? I’ll have a look at the Resolve software, :+1:

I want decent play n render of my phone vids which will do up to 8K but i also pretty much want to use My Boris stuff, & have it play without freezing, crashing or just stuttering along :man_facepalming::blush:
What is Boris’s first/recomended choice of ‘host’ , ?

We can’t really pick a favorite from the variety of editing and compositing hosts that we support with our plugins and can’t really endorse or influence the purchase of any one over any other - that has to come from you, the end user. Just keep in mind that all hosts have their own Achilles heel and none are totally free of issues.

Looking at the work that you’re doing, the system hardware that you’ve upgraded to and where you have already invested in paying for 3rd party plug-ins, I would think that giving Davinci Resolve a shot would make a lot of sense. They offer two versions of the product - one is free and one costs $295.

That said, most hosts that we support, including Adobe, Avid, Nuke etc, offer a free trial version of their products so you can check them out with your media elements on your hardware to determine which product would best fit your needs as the end user. And you can expect to find some very attractive pricing models for all of the aforementioned products making all of them a viable solution for your setup.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for your honesty & yep i understand you can’t endorse a particular product,
My new PC won’t be ready for a wk or so, i’ll check out the free trials as you suggest & see, then pick whichever one to use when i spend the hrs installing everything on my new PC,
My YT vids are very simple clips edited together with a 12frame crossfade, they’re educational not entertainment, i use Mocha to hide my no’ plate on my van, title studio for on screen comments & some of Continuums filters etc to enhance/correct my vids but a lot of Boris’s stuff i have is for my own entertainment at the moment because it slows Vegas down. but I love the Boris stuff i have & I’m sure in time a little, not a lot will creep into my vids when it’s easier to implement​:grin::+1:
Thanks again Peter,

I have Vegas and have zero crashing issues, there are some configuration items that have helped massively with this in version 17 but on 18 it’s been plain sailing for me - so it might be something in your setup that is causing the issues. YouTube has various videos on things that help with crashing (you may have already tried these).

I have however also recently started making the switch to DaVinci Resolve and so far for the more normal editing things it is going well (considering its supposed to have a steep learning curve). I have Adobe products but despite regularly upgrading (on an annual basis) I switched away when the moved to a subscription model. I’m a hobbiest and cannot guarantee i’ll have the money to “throw” at this hobby every year or on an ongoing basis and their model would leave me with nothing.

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Hi n thanks, i’ve been through all the steps to prevent Vegas crashing, it doesn’t happen a lot, i’ve resolved it pretty much but it still crashes more than any other program i’ve had, saying that tho i put a couple of 4K clips in it, cut them up n put a small crossfade between each just like i do for my HD 1920x1080 YT vids & although it wouldn’t play them well at Best-Full preview mode it will at Good-Auto which is clear enough, not ideal but ok, i then rendered it out, 5mins-ish it took :+1: i’m quite happy with that, it didn’t like that i added some text tho, had to delete that before render, & Vegas doesn’t like playing effects without Ram - preview prerender.
I have Hitfilm Pro, just the trial version at the moment, that handles the 4K very well but export took 10 mins, i was considering that because it will import .obj files that i create in TurboCAD Platinum, i use the CAD for my work & although i like to keep my YT vids very simple it would be nice to include the odd 3D image :+1:
I’m just looking into DaVinci Resolve, the videos i’ve watched throw me a little, steep learning curve is right i’m expecting but i like throwing myself in at the deep end, pulling my hair out for a bit then it all slowly makes sense :joy: that also seems to import .obj files too, I’m unsure what Peter said about ’ you have already invested in paying for 3rd party plug-ins, I would think that giving Davinci Resolve a shot’. does that mean Continuum & Mocha Pro will work within Resolve as extra plugins?
Yep agreed on the Adobe subscription, i make YT vids of my work but they’re really simple, the added Boris stuff i have is mostly for my own entertainment.
I might see how Vegas performs on my new better PC because i can access Hitfilm for the obj stuff directly from with that & i’ve had it quite a while, it works very similar to the way Magix Movie Edit ~Pro Plus that i’ve had since 2004-ish.
Downloading Resolve in a bit, watch this space :+1::+1::joy:

*Just been watching some Boris training vids & a couple on YT, looks like i have the answer to Peters comment, Continuum & Mocha Pro will be in Resolve :+1::thinking: we’ll see :grin:

Downloaded the Free Resolve last night & my Boris stuff is there inc Mocha Pro, i think all of it, haven’y counted :grin:
Didn’t have a lot of time but had a quick play, I haven’t got a clue about the node bit but yeah i think that’ll be good :+1:

Hmmm tried exporting in Resolve the same vid clips as i did in Vegas, i tried to pretty much recreate the cuts, transitions etc, 3840x2160 UHD
Vegas took 5,5mins
Resolve took 14.40 with the data levels set to Auto
Resolve took 15.50 with the data levels set to Full
but… Vegas file size is 553MB whereas Resolve is 5.3GB & 6GB!
I think i’m def going to have to see how Vegas performs on my new PC,