Upgrade path/pricing to BorisFX Suite?

I bought an annual subscription to Continuum in April. If I wanted to upgrade to the full Boris FX Suite would the cost be prorated?

What about if I wanted to subscribe to the Suite on a monthly basis instead of annually? Can my existing annual Continuum subscription be credited towards the monthly subscription?

Last question (I think), is the monthly subscription option a true month-by-month (ie, 30 days at a time) subscription or is it an annual commitment billed monthly?

Hi Kenton,
There is a true monthly (billed monthly) option for the Boris FX Suite subscription. You will see the annual subscription (billed once per year) is a better value.

As far as transfering a current product subscription to the suite is best answered by the sales team:

Note you typically get quick sales related answers to questions like this on the online chat – on the Boris FX home page:

Thanks for the response Ross. I’ll contact Sales and see what they say.

Hope you’re well.