Upgrade to v5

Is there a window of time for people that bought v4 Pro to upgrade at a discount or for free? Just asking since in the past with other software, they’ll say if you bought within the last 6 mos. for example, you can upgrade to the next version for free or whatever.

Couldn’t hurt to ask, right? Wait, let me go and track some blush on my cheeks.

Hey look, I can post again. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

Yes - customers that bought in the last year do qualify for a free upgrade. Since we now have new plug-in options, we are allowing the mocha Pro 4 nodelocked customers that qualify for free upgrade to contact us, so they can make a choice between the mocha Pro 5 standalone option and a mocha Pro 5 plugin (choice of Adobe/Avid/OFX).

The best thing to do is contact the sales team about free mocha Pro 5 upgrade. If possible, provide your sales date and activation code and a sales rep will get back to you to sort out your free upgrade.