Upgrading to 2019

I’m currently using Mocha 5 standalone and plug ins. I just purchased the upgrade. Will I need to uninstall all my old software, or does the installation software do this for me? I’m on a Mac OSX 10.13.6 Running standalone and AVX and OSX plugins. I still use CS6 so I need to keep my adobe plugin at 5.2

The plugin installers replace the old plugins as they are the same named items.
Standalone you can copy over and not overwrite the previous version if you prefer.

Thanks. I’ve got 2019 stand alone and the 2019 OFX and AVX pug-ins running. But I’ve lost activation on my old 5.2 AE plug-in again and can’t get it to reactivate. I had a similar problem with it last week after upgrading the OS on my Mac. I did not try to install the 2019 adobe plug in as I need to keep the older version to use with CS6

Upgrading your OS potentially updated the mac addresses or changed some file structure which could have caused the older license to corrupt.

If you install Mocha Adobe plugin v5.6 it SHOULD read the 2019 RLM license as we have RLM support in that version of V5.

I got things straightened out with tech support last Friday after the OS update, but after installing 2019 tonight, the 5.2 adobe plug-in shows as unregistered again. I can’t use 5.6 as it doesn’t work with CS6

Ah I see.
My suggestion would be to follow up on the same email thread as your previous license case as they will be able to assist you further.

How Soon can people expect thier upgrade license Sapphire ?

Turned the system off last night, when I turned it on this morning 5.2 was seeing the license. Before shutting down last night I had exited and restarted AE multiple times and was still getting the learning mode notice.

Do you disable any hardware or switch off any network services when you’re working?

No it turns out to be more insidious. It seems High Sierra and AE CS6 are not compatible. Currently the plug in shows as not activated. I don’t need it right now, but when I have some time next week I’ll call support and deactivate it, so I can install it on a Windows machine where CS6 is still working


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Do you disable any hardware or switch off any network services when you’re working?

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