Upgrading to 2021

Greetings, so I was just wondering when upgrading to 2021 from 2020, since there’s now a full Silhouette plugin within AE, I was just wondering what ends up happening to the existing Silhouette Paint plugin work I already have in a particular project? Do they automatically remain 100% in tact and just get upgraded to a full Silhouette project? Thanks for any clarification on this!

Silhouette 2021.5 will leave Silhouette 2020.5 Paint and Standalone installed. So, no worries there.

Ah ok great thanks for the info!

Oh also wondering would I be able to open a 2020 standalone project in the AE 2021 to utilize the new features/nodes? And would this also convert the project to a v2021 and no longer compatible with v2020? Thanks.

Yes, you can open a 2020 Standalone project in the 2021.5 plug-in, but you may see color space differences. If you add nodes in 2021.5 that don’t exist in 2020, they will be missing if you open the project in 2020.