URGENT deadline, Mocha Pro Remove Module Whack

Hi All,

I’m on deadline, need to deliver this shot by Monday. Mocha Pro 4.latest (own v5, just upgraded, but the licensing is broken for me right now). MacOS 10.11.6. MacPro “trashcan” late 2013.

What’s happening: I follow Mary’s tutorial to remove the surfboard logos. Yet, upon render, only parts of the surfboard logos go away. On top of that, it’s clearly not ‘attached’, meaning the (faint) lines down the middle of the surfboard (see clean plate image link) goes all over the place.

Help? Please see attached clean plate and screenshot. THANK YOU.



This usually means the surfboard itself has not tracked accurately.

The track layer has to be absolutely rock solid or you will see artefacts.

That doesn’t explain the large portion of the track remaining however, so I will need to see the shot.

If it is possible for you to send the project files here I can take a look: martinb@imagineersystems.com

Also, have you tried using “Clean plates exclusively?” If you’re removing the board logo, you should have that option checked so it doesn’t try to use other parts of the image.