Use adjusted track with remove module

So, I’m trying to track a sign that passes behind people in the foreground multiple times. I’m having trouble with the track slipping off of the sign for those frames where it’s fully occluded, so I’m using the adjust track. It looks like that provides me with a solid motion track if I do the remove in After Effects.

But: when I try to use the remove module on that layer in Mocha, or just use that track with another layer, it just goes with the initial track (and not the adjusted track).

  1. Is this the proper use of the adjust track? Is there another way I should be fixing a track of an object that is fully occluded by a foreground element?
  2. Is there a way to bake the adjust track?

Thank you!

When you link a track to that layer, you have to check the “link to adjusted track” checkbox in the layer properties. That should fix your issue.

Oh, thanks Mary! It’s all these tiny little things that trip me up, no matter how many tutorials I watch!

So, the adjust track checkbox tripped me up until recently, and I have been using Mocha for a decade. No worries. There’s a lot of little, powerful stuff that’s easy to overlook.

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