Use all foreground layers isn't working

Hi, could you help me with one thing?
I think that “Use all foreground layers” option isn’t working right. But maybe ill do something wrong.
So the question is - why my foreground shape data layers don’t subtract from my insert image, with this option is turned on.
Here are a screenshots

Because that’s not pictured as on right now, the checkbox is not checked. Also, are you using the plugin or the standalone?

Oh, my fault. This is the ae plugin version.
Here is the right screenshot. Same problem

OK, that should be working, I’d have to see the file maybe to figure out what is going on. It could be a bug, in which case I should let @martinb know. However, try this, use your shape for your screen to isolate the screen and then on another layer in your comp, just use the mattes with motion blur over the top using a copy of the plugin instance. That will look better anyway while we try to figure out what is going on with the mattes.

What version number are you using? This will help us track down if it is a defect.

I use 2021.8.0.3.
In the standalone version subtracting is working but the insert is applied to data shape, and not to the tracking data. Hmm. Maybe I do something wrong?

Actually, now that I can see everything, I think it’s just that your shapes are conflicting with one another because they’re overlapping. I’d really just use a separate instance of Mocha with the finger shapes on another top layer in your comp. That should do what you want.

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Hmm, thanks. Great support, by the way. But what about this check “Use all foreground layers”?
What is use for? Do you have a video example, please?

It would be for when you’re using a bunch of pieces you need to treat together, in this case your layer setup conflicts with using them all together, I believe. But mostly it’s for the standalone rending out to a composite pass, in my experience. I much prefer to split layers up in compositing for control when using the plugin. Less likely to have anything conflict too.

Does you see what I mean?

Noup ( here is my project, without video. Just to show, that this function isn’t workingPhone Screen -Easy.mocha (463.8 KB)

Weirdly, I can’t get that file to open at all. Odd.

Hi, thanks for your support again. Still learning Mocha Pro. Now is 2022, Still that error.
Here is my AE project…Tracking temp (1.9 MB)

I think the problem was your shape, looks like you somehow flipped it inside out while animating. Also it looked like your points were doubled up in a way that has to be a bug I should probably have @martinb check out. Also, them all being in one group may have affected the holdouts, we will need to check that out too. And something was going on with your matte clips, they weren’t rendering and there was an awful lot of them for only having two shapes. I am not sure how any of that happened. I still can’t make a matte for your screen track layer even after deleting the old shape. Something is going on of a buggy nature and we need to inform QA and track it down.

Did you use Beziers or X-Splines? How did you set up your shot? Certainly something is going wrong somewhere but it will help us pinpoint where if we know your process. I am concerned I couldn’t open your original Mocha file either. Something was definitely odd.

Anyway, here’s a version of your Mocha file that mostly works. D_test_Mary.mocha (1.0 MB)

This is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Now it’s working! HA-HA. Don’t know how, but in my new setup too.
Thanks a lot! Great product. Great support.

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Thank you. Happy to help! Can you help us track this down by answering If you use Beziers or X-Splines? How did you set up your shot? Etc?

Of course! I used X-splines. Simply tracked and adjust my planar surface. Then I insert my jpeg, by using the insert menu. So this is it.

Ok, we will see if we can repeat it.

I’m i graphic and motion designer. How I can become Mocha Pro tester? I have so many ideas and improvements for Mocha Pro. I will be writing reports for every version.

Let me see if we are currently doing a beta, I think currently it is rolling but I want to make sure. I will tag @martinb to ask.