Use the shortcut "R" without switching between different reshaping tools

Is there a way to use the shortcut “R” without switching between different reshaping tools.
When I manually select the tool using my mouse or Wacom pen, that’s when I want to shuffle it.

As long as you are not currently in the Reshape tool, pressing R once selects the Reshape tool in the state that it was last in. It is only when you press R when the Reshape tool is already selected that it switches modes. If you want to shut that off completely, I can have someone let you know how to do that.

we did a script to do exactly that behavior on the KMFX tools Manooj

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Thanks @mborgo

@marco Yes, the script is an option. Thank you @mborgo! Some of the more recent updates have been the ability to 1) load in KMFX Scripts in the SFX Scripting Prefs, 2) choose whether to disable KMFX Scripts as a whole in the KMFX section in SFX Prefs, and 3) be selective on which KMFX Scripts you want if you don’t want all of them active.

In addition, two of the newer scripts are:

  • cloneShapeinPlace
  • copyShapeKeyframe

This is amazing! Thanks all!